A Town Called Alice

A Town Called Alice

Alice Springs is the heartland for our industry and we regularly travel there on buying trips. I read a wonderful poem on Facebook recently by “Desert Dates” which resonated with me as it so well described it. Here is an excerpt;

soft greenie hard redneck
red dirt sky blue
black white
but mostly
alice is

That encapsulates it perfectly for me.  Alice is a mad, loud and in-your-face town, full of contradictions.  People often ask me about the ethics and how much the artists get paid and this is such a complex, multi-layered issue that I will never do it justice in this forum.  The Aboriginal art scene is a colourful, political and proud microcosm of Alice and it’s a wonderfully interesting business to be in.  I love the oven-like heat that bakes you when you get off the plane.  I love the crazy mix of Aboriginal culture with one of the most ocker towns you will find.  I love the cold beer, the catch-ups on what’s going down and who’s doing what, and who’s ripping who off, as passion and paranoia collide. I love seeing the beautiful new paintings that get me excited and bursting to get them back to Melbourne to post pictures.  Alice is not always an easy place to visit or do business in but I will always jump at the chance to go as I love the vibrancy and just hanging out with the marvellous characters.

P.S Here is the link if you want to read the rest of the poem I mentioned:


Alice Springs   Uluru

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  • desertdates Reply

    Glad those words resonated, thanks for linking. Always good to hear from others who live in the grey. Tread gently & take care,

    April 23, 2016 at 4:12 pm

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