Aboriginal Art as an Investment

Aboriginal Art as an Investment

We often get asked which of the artists we stock are going to represent a a good investment in the future. The cliché that if you buy art you like, someone else will probably like it too is true to a point but there are lots of artists who paint beautiful works that are unlikely to appreciate in value. In fact, many paintings actually decrease in value. Accordingly, it is very important to be extremely selective when building an art collection for investment.

As a side note, obviously quality, provenance and composition are going to be critical. A low quality work by a highly renowned artist is going to be limited in how much it will appreciate. So, once you have an idea of the artists you want to target, going for quality over size should be a golden rule.

So back to the question, which artists will be good investments? Whilst we can’t provide investment advice, our personal view is that there are a handful of artists who have carved out a distinctive, powerful style that will always be recognised and in demand. Our picks for some artists we think will enter the top echelon of Aboriginal artists (which we have backed up by significant personal investment) are:

Judy Watson Napangardi: senior artist with original psychedelic style whose works burst with colour.
Tommy Watson: Senior artist with iconic, immediately recognisable style.
Dorothy Napangardi: Powerful minimalist works that have already appreciated significantly following her tragic passing.
Kudditji Kngwarreye: Abstract wizard destined for greatness whose works have universal appeal.
Gabriella Possum: Daughter of Clifford Possum and under-priced works that are already in huge demand in Europe.
Linda Syddick Napaltjarri: Bold, distinctive imagery with unique christian influences .
Jorna Newberry: Niece of Tommy Watson with her own distinctive style that still somehow incorporates her uncle’s influence.

Happy investing!

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