In 2Kudditji Kngwarreye014 when we were getting our business off the ground, Kudditji Kngwarreye was one of the first artists we targeted.  Seeing Kudditji paint is a special thing.  He is so still and composed and almost meditative. Kudditji works polarise the critics and we see this reflected in our customers.  Some people love the originality and abstract nature of his works while others pour scorn on the simple strokes that they could “easily do themselves.”   We fall into the Kudditji admirer camp as there is something special about his paintings.  One things we have noticed is that people might look at a photo and not be too excited but when they see a Kudditji work in the flesh, it is a completely different experience.  They see the colours and textures and something ‘talks’ to them.  Everyone has their own preference for the Kudditji works and colours they like.

Kudditji KngwarreyeOne thing that many people don’t know is that when Kudditji began painting around 1986, he was encouraged to paint in the traditional style of the time. The photo above shows one his early ‘Emu Dreaming’ works in this style. Some years later, Kudditji came to find his current style of abstract imagery, bold colour use and intuitive representation. Initially this style was not welcomed by galleries and for a time he returned to his (then) more successful traditional style of work. However, Kudditji remained true to his instincts and resumed his exploration into the abstract, through which he has been very successful and received critical acclaim.  It’s hard to believe he ever painted anything other than his abstract works now, given how iconic and successful they have become.   Sadly the great man is not painting any longer and this is a significant loss to the industry.

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