Jorna Newberry (JN-1000) – Walpa Tjukurpa (90cm x 120cm)

Jorna Newberry (JN-1000) – Walpa Tjukurpa (90cm x 120cm)


Acrylic on Linen

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Product Description

Artist: Jorna Newberry
Painting: Walpa Tjukurpa
Size: 90cm x 120cm
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

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Jorna began painting in the mid-1990’s at Warakurna, creating work for casual collectors. Later she joined the Irrunytju arts centre and started painting for this group. Over recent years she has worked closely alongside her legendary uncle, Tommy Watson, and her works have been critically acclaimed. She follows his instruction to favour abstraction as a stylistic mode to ensure the secrecy of important cultural matters, rather than taking the more figurative approach of the Papunya Tula artists. She says “Tommy has had a big influence on me. He teaches me to be respectful in the way I paint”. Walpa Tjukurrpa (Wind Dreaming) relates to her mother’s country at Utantja, a large stretch of sacred ceremonial land that has hilly country and a large rock hole where many people come from time to time to paint up, dance and take part in ceremonies. It is a country filled with kangaroos, camels, rock wallabies and birds. “The wind ceremony forms winds, creates air to cool the lands…” she explains. That wind also helps in hunting as being downwind from animals makes it easy to hunt successfully.