Kim West Napurrula (KWN-1000) – Tali Sand Dunes (30cm x 60cm)

Kim West Napurrula (KWN-1000) – Tali Sand Dunes (30cm x 60cm)


Acrylic on Linen

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Product Description

Artist: Kim West Napurrula
Painting: Tali Sand Dunes
Size: 30cm x 60cm
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

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Kim was born in 1960 in Pollock Hills, now known as Kiwirrkurra. Her family was met by Jeremy Long’s Welfare Patrol at a historical time when desert Aboriginal Families were brought in from the desert and trying to make contact with those left in the desert. Kim’s family was found at Willi Rockhole east of Kintore. Kim comes from major Aboriginal Art heritage, her father Freddy West Tjakamarra was one of the original shareholders of Papunya Tula Artists and her brother Bobby West was a traditional owner of Kiwirrkura and a senior Aboriginal art identity. Kim West Napurrula was married to Yuendumu George. Her traditional country is located in Marrapinti an important Women’s Dreaming site. It runs along the Northern Territory and Western Australian border. Tali sand dunes are the hills of sand that cross this country. The habitat is very fragile and only spinifex and green shrubs grow here. In the mornings you can see networks of tracks on the sand. Kim’s paintings take many days to paint as she dots the whole painting with little dots and no lines or block colours. When you stand back and look at her paintings, you can see the hills and valleys of the shifting sands.