Selma Coulthard (SC-1000) – Lerrapinta (Finke River) (90cm x 90cm)

Selma Coulthard (SC-1000) – Lerrapinta (Finke River) (90cm x 90cm)


Acrylic on Linen

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Product Description

Artist: Selma Coulthard
Painting: Lerrapinta (Finke River)
Size: 90cm x 90cm
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

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Selma Coulthard was born in 1954 in Alice Springs. She was called Nunay by her family which means Cute One. Selma grew up at Tempe Downs Station but wanted to go to school at Hermannsburg, which she did. Selma has 5 children and is currently raising her grandson, Shane who is in grade 8. Selma learnt to paint watching the artists in the Todd River. It was from these beginnings she went on to paint in watercolours. Her background in this medium is evident in the textures of the acrylic on linen.

Although Selma’s influence was from the artists in the Todd River, the stories came from her grandmothers and the laws of the land. She remembers her mother and grandmother drawing stories in the sand with a piece of wire. Selma gets inspiration from these stories. There are certain areas she can’t paint about but Running Waters is one region she often depicts in her paintings. Her father was custodian of this land and now her brothers have taken over this position.