Who We Are

Merindah Art is based in Melbourne, Australia. We began as private art collectors, building a collection of investment grade aboriginal art over a number of years, and this grew into a plan to set up a boutique online Aboriginal art gallery.

Our vision is to sell Aboriginal art of the highest quality;

  • from reputable and ethical sources;
  • via our website;
  • at competitive prices.

We are different to most galleries because;

  • We are a completely online business and this enables us to sell at very competitive prices;
  • We buy from exactly the same sources as established ‘bricks and mortar’ galleries so you are able to buy works of the same quality and provenance at lower prices;
  • We have prices displayed for all works on our website to be transparent;
  • We always purchased from reputable suppliers who use top quality Matisse or Atelier paints and quality canvases, which are usually linen;
  • We rigorously review our stock to ensure we only sell paintings with indisputable provenance. You will undoubtedly be able to find cheaper paintings by the same artists but we would encourage you to ensure you can verify the authenticity of those works and establish what materials are used as cheap paints on cheap canvases will deteriorate over time;
  • Our focus is on established mid-range and top-tier artists who are distinctive and have good investment potential. We also target very selected ‘up and coming artists.’